Business Expansion| The scale effect of agile environmental protection group is prominent in central China

    On April 26th, Agile Environmental Protection Group (AEPG) and the People's Government of Songzi City, Hubei Province has signed a cooperation agreement on the project of recycling and utilization of industrial wastes in Songzi city (hereinafter referred to as "the project").The Songzi Yijing Environmental Protection Technology co., ltd. will act as the main developer to complete the development of the project on behalf of AEPG (previously, AEPG has signed an equity transfer agreement with Songzi yijing and therefore became its majority shareholder).

    The project is located in Lingang industrial zone, Songzi city , Hubei province, covering an area of 400 mu. The project is capable of waste treatment for 100,000 tons/year after completion, including incineration, physicochemical treatment, safe landfill and other hazardous waste disposal professional facilities. Among them, the total storage capacity of safe landfill reaches 1.2 million m3.


AEPG and Songzi municipal people's government are in discussion of the cooperation

    Songzi lingang industrial park is located in the transition zone between the urban circle of wuhan and the ecological cultural tourism circle of western hubei. At the same time, it is in an important position of connecting the upper and the lower parts of the Yangtze river economic belt.With this advantage, the park has developed into a modern industrial new area dominated by lingang industry and supported by advanced manufacturing, modern logistics, fine industry and textile processing industry. There is a broad space for the development of hazardous waste disposal market.


AEPG and songzi municipal people's government signed a cooperation agreement

    Songzi industrial waste resource circulation utilization projects is the forth project of AEPG in Hubei Province together with the projects in Wuhan, Qianjiang and Honghu, of which will provide a solid support to establish the scale effect and synergistic effect. Meanwhile, it is also positive for the rapidly business expansion in Hubei province industrial waste disposal and to improve the company influence and market share;It will also improve the value chain and core competitiveness of AEPG in central China and optimizing the industrial layout of hazardous waste disposal business, and lay a solid foundation for future strategic development.

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