Business Expansion | Agile environmental protection group into jiangsu huaian

    Recently, acculor environmental protection group won the bid and signed the contract for the project of hazardous waste disposal center of suhuai high-tech zone (hereinafter referred to as "suhuai project"), completing another major strategic layout in jiangsu, the largest industrial province in China.


    The suhuai project is located in the suhuai high-tech zone, huai 'an city, jiangsu province. It is the largest comprehensive hazardous waste disposal project in the high-tech zone, and also the key supporting project of the salt and chemical new materials industrial park in the high-tech zone.The total disposal scale of the project is 45,000 tons/year, including 30,000 tons/year of hazardous waste incineration, 15,000 tons/year of physical-chemical treatment, and 30,000 tons/year of waste mixed salt treatment.


Project renderings

    In recent years, based on and giving full play to its unique advantage of rock salt resources, huaian has actively developed the salinization new material industry and, in accordance with the development orientation of "high-end, green, circular and intensive", strives to build the new salinization material industrial park into an ecological and environment-friendly chemical park with output value of 100 billion yuan and well-known at home and abroad.As a supporting project of industrial park hazardous waste disposal, suhuai project is an important guarantee for safe and environmental protection production in industrial park and huaian city.


    Suhuai project is the first hazardous waste disposal project acquired by agile environmental protection group through public bidding, which demonstrates the strong brand influence and comprehensive strength of agile environmental protection group, and opens up a new mode and channel for agile environmental protection group to invest and expand.Meanwhile, as the seventh project of agile environmental protection group in jiangsu, suhuai project also expands and improves the layout of agile environmental protection group in jiangsu and the whole east China region, further consolidating and enhancing the leading position of agile environmental protection group in the industry.

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